A secure authentication

Xen0n.app is the best authentication system on the market right now, with our high security practices and streaming.

About Xen0n.app

Bulit for developers with high security in mind

Xen0n.app was built with security and usability in mind, and meant to be properly used!

  • Clean code

    We pride ourselves in writing clean and easy to understand code with comments and documentation.

  • Open and closed source

    We want to be as transparent as we can but we also want to keep our users safe, that is why we have decided on keeping the library source codes closed!

  • Streaming

    We have an amazing feature which no other auth has properly inplemented! We encrypt everything and decrypt it on client with keys derived from session.

  • Design

    We are ran by backend-developers but we have done the best we could at making a easy-to-use dashboard.

why choose us?

Developers love xen0n to make cool software

We're designed for developers and programmers for good and powerful software.

Fast & Secure

We have optimized and secured everything with all we got!

Fantastic pricing

We only charge enough to keep our servers running!


We try to provide the best support we can!

Secure Data

All of your stored files are on a different server.


All you need to create your own application is on github!


We have streaming like no other so you can keep your files hidden!

Pricing plans

Choose your pricing

The prices are market-standard and only enough to keep our servers online!

Developer Plan

$10 /Yr
  • Access to streaming
  • Unlimited licenses
  • 3 applications
  • Live Support

Small Business Plan

$15 /Yr
  • Access to code-support
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Unlimited applications
  • Everything in Developer plan

Enterprise Plan

$40 /Yr
  • Access to SSD streaming
  • Custom Admin Dashboard
  • Full API documentation
  • Everything in Small Business plan